MySpace search results: a place for advertisers
With advertisers reluctant to place ads on the free-for-all profile pages that make up most of its pageviews, MySpace is searching for more places to put advertisements. Now, the Financial Times reports, the News Corp.-owned Internet portal is hoping for a tie-up with Microsoft or Google to both run its search engine and place advertisements alongside the search results. SearchEngineWatch notes that Yahoo has apparently taken itself out of the running because it competes too directly with MySpace in the area of user-generated content. Tech pundit Nick Carr misses the point completely, saying that any deal would place a new value on eyeballs. Neat trick, that, considering that Microsoft and Google's search advertisers pay per click, not per advertisement viewed. And the latest rumor of a search-ad deal doesn't address earlier concerns that MySpace users wouldn't click on the ads in great numbers.
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