New Yahoo home page unveiled
The most-visited web page on the planet is to get a new look: Tech blogs are buzzing this morning that Yahoo has taken the wraps off a new, cleaned-up design for its home page. An effusive Richard MacManus at Read/WriteWeb notes that the new page moves "away from the 90's 'everything under the sun' portal" model. The page certainly does make for an easier read, with news and features placed front and center, while the search bar has been moved up, and much of the former directory clutter reorganized as a conventional left hand navigation column. MacManus, who scored an interview with Yahoo's chief product officer, says there is, as of yet, no firm date for the page, now in "preview," to go live. Reaction from the jaded lot of readers at TechCrunch, ranges from a high of "Looks nice!" to a low of "Yahoo is reacting to Google. They are no longer creative." That last sentiment may be accurate, but the redesign suggests that Yahoo! is growing into its identity as a media company and struggling to better integrate its content and services -- just the sort of mature and boring moves perhaps still ahead for the younger, more prolific, though somewhat disorganized Google.
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