Microsoft scores in browser wars
Prompted by the runaway success of Mozilla's Firefox Web browser, Microsoft finally got around to updating Internet Explorer, and its second beta release of Internet Explorer 7 is drawing reactions. Blogger Shel Holtz tried it out and found a lot to like, though he thinks some of the new security features will intimidate non-tech-savvy users. Informationweek, in its review of IE7, asked if Firefox had finally
met its match.

Apparently so, according to the latest usage statistics from Since January, worldwide usage of IE has held steady at about 85 percent of Internet users, with Firefox at just under 12 percent. At the very least, the IE7 beta appears to have stanched Microsoft's bleeding of browser market share. Of course, Mozilla is prepping Firefox version 2.0, and even blogger Niall Kennedy -- who now works for Microsoft -- had kind things to say about Firefox's upcoming features.
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