PlayStation 3 slow, hard to program
As more technical details of Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3 leak out, it appears that the videogame console is going to be underpowered and difficult to program, according to the Inquirer, largely because of the way it handles memory. The main selling point of the PS3 is its Cell microprocessor, developed at a cost of billions of dollars by Sony, IBM, and Toshiba to deliver breathtakingly realistic graphics. But in reality, the PS3 may not be able to deliver the promised performance. PS3Portal noted earlier this year that adding support for video chat and other interactive features will take away some of the processing power available for rendering game graphics.

And if the graphics aren't up to par, will gamers be willing to pay a premium price of $500 or $600 for the PS3? This may well explain the recent departure of Sony's U.S. PR chief for the PlayStation. On the bright side, corporate synergy could at last pay off: Getting into the movie business has taught Sony nothing if not how to cope with expensive flops.
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