UK pols to music industry: Rip. Mix. Burn.
The BBC reports this morning that an "influential" group of British members of Parliament has called on the music industry to clearly label digital media so that consumers know "exactly what they can and cannot do with songs and films they buy online." The Beeb notes that Parliament's "digial rights management" manifesto comes partly in response to concern over Sony BMG's controversial DRM strategy which used "virus-like techniques to hide itself and stop CDs being copied." At issue is the fact that many users have little idea of how the DRM software works, and what "rights" it's taking away from them. Beyond labeling, the report by the All Party Parlimentary Internet Group makes a host of other recommendations, even suggesting that music vendors employing overly aggressive DRM strategies could be sued.

Slashdot readers, of course, have wasted no time in making suggestions for warning label copy. One reader suggests the following warning: "[DRM] can induce heart disease, nerve breakdown, breakage of furniture such as chairs, and ultimate humiliation from friends, after the content within crashes your computer into miserable useless mess...."
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