JetBlue offers in-flight Internet
JetBlue fliers may soon be checking their email in-flight. eWeek reports that at the FCC's latest auction, LiveTV LLC, a JetBlue subsidiary, placed the winning $7 million bid for a 1 megahertz wireless license, a move that clears that path for the domestic carrier to offer in-flight Internet connectivity. Meanwhile, a more powerful 3 Mhz license was purchased for $31.3 million by AirCell, a provider of in-flight phone service to airlines, suggesting that broadband connectivity will likely make it to other carriers as well. High-speed Internet access has been available on overseas carriers' flights for some time, but it hasn't yet made an appearance in the U.S. TechLiving worries at the prospect of VOIP users "squawking into the phone" on long flights. "Thank goodness for noise-cancelling headphones," writes the blog's Rachel Cericola.
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