Blog search engine Technorati retools
Hoping to stay relevant, Technorati celebrated its third birthday yesterday by unveiling a redesigned home page. The new look was no doubt paid for in part by the $7.6 million the company raised just a week ago. The flurry of activity reflects the company's effort to carve out a sustainable niche in blog search alongside competition like, well, Google.

"While those that have been with the site since its inception may not find the site difficult to use, those new to blogging complain that the site is not usable by the everyday Web surfer," reports BetaNews. Reader opinion on TechCrunch is split on the virtues of the redesign, with some applauding it and others calling the site's new colors "gaudy."

Of course, a rainbow-colored logo worked for Google. But will the new Technorati draw in new users without offending the old guard? For its new investors, that's the $7.6 million question.
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