MySpace down? Send in the Marines!

MySpace was intermittently unavailable over the weekend, apparently due to a power outage at its main data center. "Hear that? That's the sound of 80 million people hitting the refresh button," wrote a snarky Pete Cashmore at his Mashable blog, who suggested that such a crash would never happen with Google or Yahoo. "With MySpace, however, it's almost expected: Users regularly see errors and the code is notoriously poor." Om Malik also wondered how such a thing could happen: "It is hard to believe that a service this large could just have one data center. Have they not heard of redundancy?"

The good news? The Marines are on the job. Yes, that's right: The U.S. Marines have established a MySpace page, and they've already attracted 12,000 "friends." Apparently the Army is coming next. If only MySpace's Web servers could get the hang of this "semper fi" thing.
Posted by Oliver Ryan 10:46 AM 4 Comments comment | Add a Comment

Frankly I am tired of this whole Myspace fad. I don't know about anyone else, but my friends and I mainly use Facebook rather than Myspace. Not only is it a little more exclusive, but the interface is much nicer and simpler to navigate. And it doesn't crash or run super slow.
Posted By Clinton, Montreal, Quebec : 12:34 PM  

MySpace is a phenomenon not a bank website. They don't need to invest that kind of money in redundancy. It would expensive and unnecessary. If MySpace goes down, you don't get to send a message or receive one. There is no destruction aside from advertisers who are already making a hefty sum anyway.
Posted By Alex, Arlington VA : 6:15 PM  

what ticks off a teenager more than homework? a slow website. myspace really needs to work on speeding its website if it doesnt want to lose teens consumers. shutting down a site is really a turn off. and yes it is all a fad, half the profiles are just advertisements and its dangerous as well as its becoming more prone to criminals around the world.
Posted By jake nyc, ny : 12:35 PM  

I am so sick of MySpace going down. In the past 2 years, myspace has seen a disruption in service over and over. It seems like AOL when it started out. It can't handle the traffic users. They writes script in Coldfusion and then go live in C Sharp. Its such a stupid thing and a waste. They need to get with the program before people start alienating them like we all did AOL
Posted By J. Partman : Arlington, VA : 12:40 PM  

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