Apple's new phone: iChat Mobile?
There's one small problem with all these rumors of an Apple iPhone -- the name is already taken by a VOIP company, the Cult of Mac blog notes. So Engadget has a new theory: Apple's iPod-phone hybrid will be called "iChat Mobile," after the Mac's built-in instant-messaging software.

Engadget is running maybe-it-is-maybe-it-isn't teaser photos of a supposed iChat Mobile advertisement, showing an elongated, remote control-like iPod-phone hybrid, but readers are skeptical. For one thing, the image appears to be Photoshopped, say some. Others take issue with the less-than-Apple-elegant slogan featured on the ad: "Everything you expect from a Mac, from a phone." "The tagline is way too long. This may be the hardware, but it's not an Apple ad."

For what it's worth, we think the iChat Mobile mockup on Engadget looks curiously similar to an iPhone rendering that ran in Business 2.0 last year.

Image courtesy of Pentagram Design
Posted by Owen Thomas 10:36 AM 2 Comments comment | Add a Comment

let me guess..its not scratch proof so will need to buy $30 cover...than everyone knows the problems they've had with is this one built to last only 2 years or 4 now? Might as well just get a fancy PDA or Blackberry for the price which is so more sophisticated. This is just a teen craze puller.
Posted By NJ : 8:48 AM  

If this is the real deal then it's a gorgeous little device. I highly doubt the problems they had with the Nanos and scratching will carry over to this - Apple has definitely learnt its' lesson (hence the new Nanos coming with new scratch resistant covers).
Posted By Clinton, Montreal, Quebec : 12:31 PM  

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