YouTube's newest star is 79 years old
On the Internet, everyone is famous for 15 minutes -- and now it's the turn of Peter, a k a geriatric1927, a 79-year-old, widowed British retiree who has taken to YouTube to air his softspoken gripes about life.

The YouTube community, seen by many as a strictly teen scene, has welcomed its new old member with open arms, the Guardian reports, with users leaving over 6,000 comments on his first clip. The subject matter seems wholly unremarkable -- Peter discusses his love for blues music and motorcycles and reminisces about raising his children -- but in the less than two weeks since he posted the clip on August 5, it's been viewed more than 850,000 times, according to "This YouTube experience has been one of the major changes and breakthroughs in my life and given me a whole new world to experience," Peter told Vnunet.
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