Google's Blogger: Always bogged down
How does The Browser blog its way to you every morning? Believe it or not, it's through one of the simplest and easiest blogging programs - Google's Blogger. But despite Google's reputation for rock-solid, always-available Web apps, for months Blogger's been up and down like a ... well, insert your own unseemly metaphor here, folks. InfoWorld is the latest to take a look at Blogger's woes. It turns out that Blogger never moved off of its old infrastructure after Google acquired the service in 2003, and that lack of investment is now becoming increasingly evident in nonstop random outages.

The (unofficial) Google Operating System blog documents the copious apologies posted on the official Blogger Buzz blog. There's a light at the end of the tunnel, writes Google's Pete Hopkins: A new version of Blogger, still being rolled out in beta, will fix these outages for good. Still, we have to ask: Wouldn't it have been a good idea to patch up the old version before spending time on a new version?
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On the Mac, using firefox, it does not accept any images correctly - using Safari, none of the buttons are visible except LOAD IMAGE and that works fine - very odd - it would seem to be a pretty simple fix - blogger does not seem as compicated as email and yet ... it seems to falling apart at the seams ...
Posted By jbelkin, danville CA : 7:38 PM  

Much like in war, there are acceptable losses in the online applications space. Most of the time the old system is left relatively untouched in order to direct resources into a more appropriate direction. Given that it was Google, I can see the arguments for fixing something broken, but the business case says to keep the old stuff functioning as much as is humanly possible and push resources into building a more stable framework for the future.

What your post claims is that it's a good idea to live in the home you're renovating. If you don't mind being rained on, having no heat, no running water, and enjoy living in your own mess, then that's a great idea!

And now we know why 'blog' entries should never be posted by people who don't know what they're talking about.

Good for Google in moving forward - not living in the past!
Posted By Chris, Portland, ME : 1:55 PM  

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