Are RSS newsreaders stealing content?
Almost all blogs and websites are offering RSS feeds - stripped-down, article-by-article streams of content that people subscribe to using specialized software called a newsreader. There are even Web-based newsreaders, like Bloglines and Newsgator, which let people read those articles on a Web page. Wait a second - isn't that what we used to call a website?

Exactly. And that's why there's a massive food fight brewing over who gets to sell advertising on those pages. Publishers already place ads in their RSS feeds. But the tricky part comes when Web-based newsreaders start selling their own ads on those Web pages where they republish those feeds. Weblogs Inc. cofounder Jason Calacanis says that's stealing, and called out Newsgator for putting ads on his feeds without permission.

Newsgator quickly backed down and took the ads off, saying they went up by accident. But Calacanis wasn't satisfied. Why, he asked, aren't Web-based newsreader companies striking commercial deals with publishers to sell and split ad revenue? Good question. How do you feel about ads in RSS feeds? Leave a comment below.
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Hi from England, UK. Two weeks ago we started a new venture with the beginnings of an internet tv station:
For the moment we are developing meaningful content and have avoided 'flashy' type ads. The process of RSS feeds is somewhat typical of how the internet first started, with a lot of people saying, how can we make money out of this. The end result, short-term, opportunistic, scam-like schemes. Economic internet stability will create real long term winners. People must stop grabbing and think collectively.
Andrew Christian-Brookes, CEO,
Posted By Andrew Christian-Brookes, Worcestershire, England, UK. : 2:38 AM  

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