Summer of sequels!

The major Hollywood studios are making big bets on some familiar names. With Spidey, Shrek, Jack Sparrow and Harry all on tap, could this be a record-breaking summer at the box office?

Evan Almighty
June 22
Evan Almighty
Universal Studios (GE)
Another sequel. I'm sensing a trend.

"Evan Almighty," a sequel to the 2003 hit "Bruce Almighty," is a tough movie to figure out. On the one hand, it's hard to imagine a sequel to a Jim Carrey movie doing well without Jim Carrey. Did anyone actually see "Son of The Mask?"

Then again, Steve Carell, who is reprising his role as Evan from "Bruce Almighty" is a much bigger box office draw than Jamie Kennedy, the star of "Son of the Mask."

The first Almighty movie let Carrey act as if he were God. In this film, God, once again played by Morgan Freeman, asks Carell, whose Evan is now a Congressman, to build an ark in Washington.

So can Carell actually steer this ship to a big box-office take? I honestly just don't Noah. And analysts are mixed on the film's chances as well. Pandya thinks the film looks funny and will be a hit, but Gray thinks the movie lacks the appeal of the first.

Spider-Man 3

Shrek the Third

Pirates of the Caribbean

Knocked Up

Ocean's 13

Fantastic Four

Evan Almighty

Live Free or Die Hard



Harry Potter

Chuck and Larry

The Simpsons

The Bourne Ultimatum

Rush Hour 3
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