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New and improved insulin
New and improved insulin
Blaine Stansel, Ananth Annapragada, Pauline Sein and Lowell Busenitz
Team name: Perpetual Pharmaceuticals

School: University of Oklahoma, Price College of Business

Team members: Blaine Stansel, Pauline Sein, Ananth Annapragada,

Concept: Perpetual Pharmaceuticals has developed an insulin-based medication called Briodurance that senses when blood glucose levels are on the rise and releases an appropriate amount of insulin. Management claims that Briodurance will prevent hypoglycemic episodes and eliminate the need for frequent blood glucose monitoring.

Timeline: The formula, which is proven to work on rats, is not ready for humans because one of its component molecules causes inflammation. Perpetual plans to test 150 molecules in the first year to find a replacement.

Success will allow the team to begin efficacy and toxicity tests in the second year. If all goes well, Perpetual expects to complete the first round of preclinical tests and start drafting an investigational new drug application to file with the FDA by year three.

Management hopes to sell Briodurance within three to six years and then adapt the technology to create more effective antibiotics and asthma medications. - Hope Hamashige

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Last updated May 02 2008: 11:51 AM ET