Chicago cops hop on Segways

Remember the Segway? Soon, Windy City crooks will have trouble forgetting the much-derided scooters. Defense Tech reports that the Chicago Police Department is laying out $580,000 to triple the size of its Segway Human Transporter fleet to 150. Already, Chicago cops patrol the city's lakefront and airports on Segways.

While Segways never became the mass-market hit inventor Dean Kamen hoped for, they found willing buyers in law-enforcement agencies -- so much so that Segway now makes a special model specifically for police. The Segway makes foot-patrol operations more efficient, without limiting cops' mobility the way car patrols do. The Browser has some unanswered questions: Do Segway cops have to make their own siren noise? And how, exactly, will riding around on a Segway instead of walking help more police officers pass the department's voluntary fitness test?
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