eBay executive jumps to Wikia
Gil Penchina, a vice president and general manager for international operations at eBay, has left Meg Whitman and crew to take the top job at Wikia, a user-driven community site launched by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. Penchina is also an angel investor in Wikia, which hosts "wiki" websites for communities which allow any user to edit their pages. The official press release describes Penchina as an "eight-year veteran" of the auction giant, which places him on the fortunate side of eBay's September 1998 IPO. Certainly, the most heady years of personal net-worth appreciation for eBay employees are over. Alarm:Clock wonders if Penchina's defection is "another sign of weakness at eBay, or that VCs are able to convince big-company execs that startup valuations are on the upswing." Perhaps both.
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