Motorola, Nokia roll out slick new phones
Trash your Razr and ditch your Nokia 6600: The giants of the cell-phone world are rolling out hot new models. If you've ever wanted a Razr that slides up rather than flips open, you'll dig Motorola's new Rizr. For those who want to stick with the flip, there's the Krzr. Both have a two-megapixel digital camera built in, which should make for high-quality photos.

Nokia, meanwhile, is upping the ante with its N73 and N93 models, both of which sport 3.2-megapixel digital cameras. The N73 is designed primarily as a cameraphone, with Carl Zeiss optics, while the N93's screen flips up and to the side for videocamera-style shooting of digital movies. Engadget notes that the N93 has some features you'd normally find only in a laptop, like Wi-Fi and a video-out connector for playing videos on TVs.
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I will never buy another product from Motorola long as I am alive. I was offshored by them and have always believed in them and have always bought there products. I would soon use 2 cans and a string before ever buying another product from them since they seem to support the Chinese & India folks over Americans which made them who they are. I hope more Americans do the same! Motorola does'nt care about America anymore, they should move everything overseas, we don't want you here no more!
Posted By Outsourced, Chicago, IL : 8:00 AM  

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