iPod hard drive storage may double
If you're the type who just has to have the biggest iPod on the block, get ready to open up your wallet: Seagate is promising a 1.8-inch, 120-gigabyte hard drive by the end of this year. While Seagate didn't name names of potential customers, that size of drive is small enough to fit in an iPod, notes Engadget -- which could be good news for storage-hungry iPod users.

Apple's top-of-the-line iPod has been stuck at a 60-gigabyte capacity for almost two years, so it's overdue for an upgrade, especially with Microsoft's Zune on the way. Seagate has previously supplied drives for Apple's iPod Mini, so it's not a stretch to imagine seeing its 120-gigabyte drive in new iPods.

But what we really want to know is when we'll be able to buy a terabyte iPod -- that's one thousand gigabytes, or enough room for a hundred full-length, uncompressed movies. The original iPod promised you the ability to take your music library with you in your pocket. Why not a video player that can do the same for your movie library?

Terabyte drives are in fact coming onto the market very soon, reports News.com. These drives are too large to put in an iPod, but hard-drive makers have a history of doubling capacity in a given size every two years. If Seagate is making a 120-gigabyte drive suitable for iPods this year, that means that a one-terabyte iPod could be as little as six years away.

What would you do with all of that space?
Posted by Owen Thomas 11:30 AM 4 Comments comment | Add a Comment

store feature length films, of course.
Posted By alan, bend OR : 3:48 PM  

i love to have more space on my ipod i will get it yahh
Posted By krien atlanta GA : 5:52 PM  

Unfortunately, I'm old enough to remember when 5 Meg (not gig, meg) drives came out, and wondering what I was going to do with all THAT space?? I think that content will swell to fill the space, and, most folks don't use nearly all the disk space they have anyway.
Posted By Al, Roanoke VA : 12:43 PM  

these are the simple technologies which take away from family time and communication skills that many ppl lack. anyhows who wants to watch a film on a tiny screen when you can just get a plasma for the amount the 120 gig ipod will be sold for.
Posted By NJ : 4:15 PM  

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