President Bush's "the Google" gaffe
In every election season, politicians start dropping Internet references in the hopes of demonstrating their techno cred - and the Internet crowd inevitably groans.

Here's the latest gaffe: President George Bush's reference to "the Google" - yes, complete with definite article - as a search engine he uses to pull up maps. We at The Browser aren't sure if this is good or bad for Google: Will the cool kids start calling the world's favorite search engine "the Google". Will Democrats start avoiding Google Maps?

All we know is that this phenomenon is almost as old as the World Wide Web. Remember 10 years ago, when then-presidential candidate Bob Dole flubbed his website address on national TV? It's hard to forget.
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President Bush, from the state of Texas, was surrounded by Latin Americans who would regularly use the preposition "the" as a required part of speech in their native language or broken English. His reference to "the Google" may be influenced from his Latin American speaking neighbors.
Posted By David Tiberio, Syracuse NY : 4:21 AM  

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