MySpace worm strikes member profiles
Move over boring old identity theft, here comes identity hacking. CNET reports (via Websense) that there's a worm loose on MySpace that modifies member profiles. Apparently, the worm propagates itself via a Quicktime video: "When played by a MySpace user, the video adds itself to the user's MySpace page and replaces the links on the user's profile with links to phishing Web sites."

The goal, apparently, is to lure unsuspecting users into "giving up sensitive information such as log-in credentials." Call us hopelessly out of touch, but the whole notion of MySpace "worms" strike us as new-ish and wonderfully scary. Sure, CNET notes that this sort of thing has been around: "This is not the first threat to hit MySpace. Miscreants have exploited the popularity of the Web site before to steal personal information and to spread adware." But this changing of profiles is fresh, and we wonder what happens as this takes off in a future world where everyone has an online profile.

As social networks grow up, think of all the malicious business goals that might be pursued. It might be fun for high schoolers to change an enemy's picture, or modify someone's age or relationship status. But what happens when ambitious networkers start inserting themselves as "friends" of powerful people, or start tweaking rivals' resumes? Good stuff.

The Guardian follows this sordid tale in a different direction, noting that the hackers-in-question appear to be pushing their victims towards a pile of Zango videos. Quips writer Charles Arthur: "We're beginning to wonder whether George Bush is going to get around to declaring in a State of the Union speech that Zango belongs to the Axis of Evil." Bellvue, WA-based Zango, it's worth noting, was fined $3 million last month by the FCC for shady practices relating to adware distribution.

The Browser senses great pulp fiction potential in all this.
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i got this warm on my profile, i located the html in my modified profile and removed it, its really simple

and also Tom warms people to look for the login.myspace URL before tpying in ur email and password
Posted By Anonymous : 1:29 PM  

More "I'm a Mac and I'm a PC" commercials on your website please! Oh and Zango, yeah they're trouble...I picked up a virus from them a while back. Bastards.
Posted By Harry, Toronto, Ontario : 3:14 PM  

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