Could Apple team with BlackBerry?
What do you get when you cross an Apple with a BlackBerry? Call it a BerryPod. Peter Misek, an analyst at investment bank Canaccord Capital, proposed this particular horticultural experiment to the Globe and Mail, saying that adding Apple's iTunes to Research In Motion's BlackBerry smartphone could help both companies.

For Apple, RIM's wireless-email capabilities could help it crack the cell-phone market, while adding iPod features to the BlackBerry would help RIM boost sales outside the business market, Misek argues. Executives at Intel, which supplies chips to both companies, have been urging the match-up, according to Misek.

Former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassee is skeptical, however, saying that Apple CEO Steve Jobs would likely clash with RIM co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis in striking an AppleBerry deal. "The thought of this menage a trois is absolutely hilarious," cracked Gassee to the Globe and Mail.
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