Monopoly: The electronic banking edition
Forget about counting out those orange Monopoly-money $500 bills with glee. Instead, you'll be paid with plastic. Hasbro, the maker of the classic Monopoly board game, is going modern.

"Monopoly money will be phased out in a new version of the game in a bid to keep up with the times," reports the BBC. "Instead, players will use mock Visa debit cards to keep track of how much money they are winning or losing." Apparently, the new version -- which is called Monopoly "Here and Now, Electronic Banking Edition" -- comes complete with a card-swiping machine. "We wanted to design a more relevant version of Monopoly to reflect modern society," said Hasbro brand manager Chris Weatherhead to the Beeb.

Astute MySpace blogger Darren notes some other attempts by Hasbro to get with the times. For one thing, whereas players once started with a bankroll of $1,500, they will now begin the game with a cool $2 million. Also, some of the actual playing pieces have been rethought, with the dog replaced by a hamburger and a handiron replaced by a cell phone.

For those playing with real money, the makeover was good news: Yesterday, Hasbro shares were up 9 percent.
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