Adobe Flash + PDF = $100 million for startups
Want to know how Adobe's capitalizing on last year's acquisition of Macromedia, the maker of Flash? It's cooking up a PDF reader that uses Flash, Read/WriteWeb reports. That's a clever way for the desktop-publishing giant to capitalize on Flash's ubiquity. While Adobe's PDF format is widespread, it hardly matches Flash's reach on the Internet - some 700 million PCs and cell phones, by Adobe's estimates. That explains why Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen is talking up Flash these days.

Flash technology is just a stopgap for Adobe's next big thing - Apollo, a converged reader that combines Flash and PDF into a single technology for displaying all kinds of Web documents. Apollo has yet to hit the streets, but GigaOm reports that Adobe has set aside $100 million to bankroll startups that adopt the technology. That's a lot of dough for a technology that's still not quite baked.
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