Movie pirates ambush another Hollywood defense
The war between Hollywood and Internet users over file sharing is turning into a technological arms race - and so far, the file sharers seem to be winning. The latest trick, according to the Torrentfreak blog: Online video pirates have figured out the Motion Picture Association of America's method for watermarking not just DVDs, but also new releases. The latest movies find their way onto the Internet in part because pirates armed with handheld videocameras record the films right off the screen. With the new theatrical-release watermarks, studios can find out precisely where and when a bootleg copy was made. Now pirates have figured out how to erase the watermarks - and cover their tracks.

The other new pirate trick? Software called PeerGuardian, which blocks computers owned by the MPAA and its music industry counterpart, the RIAA, from scanning file sharers' computers for illegal movie and music downloadeds. Of course, the industry associations could easily use third-party investigators who aren't on the sharers' block lists. This is what arms races are all about. May the best tech win.
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PeerGuardian is a new trick? Come on - I usually respect this blog, but calling PG new is just wrong. New to you, maybe, but it's not new - the release of PG 2.0Beta6 was over a year ago.
Posted By andy, atlanta : 2:36 PM  

lol, agree with the first comment. You guys, like the RIAA and MPAA, are slowwwwwwwwwww.
Posted By Joe, San Fran, CA : 3:51 PM  

Yet ANOTHER example of how an inflated industry doesn't try to compete by lowering prices or embrace technology to its advantage.
Posted By Curtis Salt Lake City, UT : 5:53 PM  

Record movies on video cameras right off the movie screen? So called 'Cams' are the bane of pirated movies. Pure digital duplication of both video and audio from an inside source, screener copy or other clean source are more the norm. Pirates thumb their noses at 'Cams', waiting instead for the 'leaked' digital 'rips'
Posted By Mike, Huntington Beach, CA : 10:56 PM  

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