Apple, Facebook fight summertime blues with free music
Ah, summer: When temperatures soar, vacations abound, and traffic to youth-oriented websites dwindle as college students scatter to the four winds. That's why Facebook and Apple are teaming up to give away as many as 250 million songs. Facebook users will get a free 25-song sampler from Apple's iTunes Music Store when they click on a banner on the social-networking website. Apple's no doubt hoping to make sure that iPods remain more popular than beer on college campuses. In order to sign up for the promotion, Techdirt observes, you have to join an Apple "group" on Facebook -- a great way for Apple to keep its brand front-and-center whenever Facebook users log into the site. Facebook, meanwhile, has a more subtle motive, says Peter Cashmore on the Mashable blog: Beating MySpace at the music game by getting users to think of Facebook as a place to discover cool bands.
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