Fox shamelessly flogs MySpace
The Browser rises early to blog for you lot, but we found ourselves staying up late for the season finale of the "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" comedy series featuring Danny DeVito on FX. And there we saw the Fox cross-promotional machine in fine fettle. "Sunny," of course, has a profile on MySpace, as do pretty much all Fox movies and TV shows since Fox parent News Corp. acquired MySpace last year.

But in a breakthrough for corporate product placement, the episode had an entire subplot tied to MySpace, which included the horror of finding that your parent has a profile on the site, and the frustration of waiting for someone to add you as a friend. For anyone who hadn't heard of MySpace, the breezy banter of the episode's opening scene amounted to a MySpace 101 tutorial. It wasn't subtle, but since when has Fox been known for subtlety?
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It took two biased geniuses to write this
Posted By bill stlouis : 12:38 PM  

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