YouTube ranks 3rd in Web video
If you thought YouTube was the hottest thing in Web video, think again. ComScore Media Metrix, in its latest study of Web traffic, says that Yahoo Video ranked No. 1 in July, with a 28 percent increase in unique visitors from June. MySpace Videos is close behind Yahoo, and saw its traffic double in July. Meanwhile, YouTube showed up in third place, with only a 20 percent increase in traffic for July.

So, not only is the richly hyped YouTube not the biggest Web video site, it's not even growing as fast as the competition. To top it off, YouTube's website was down for six hours yesterday due to an unplanned outage. Is that the sound of a balloon popping?
Posted by Owen Thomas 11:44 AM 4 Comments comment | Add a Comment

All of these sites have the same problem: free video services will eat up large amounts of cash. Whichever company has the deepest pockets will win out in the end. Maybe at some point in a few years there might be a real revenue model to support such an expensive offering. But not now.
Posted By Chris, Boston, MA : 4:11 PM  

Percentage gain is not the same as marketshare.
Posted By Anon, Bothell, WA : 4:14 PM  

Hey Owen.....ComScore data is based on a panel so it's just an "educated" estimate. Don't mislead people into thinking you supposed ranking is based on real data - its just what ComScore projects it to be based on their panel. What panel is this - well, don't expect ComScore to tell you
Posted By Jim Truth, Boulder, CO : 8:36 PM  

Since the main sites of yahoo and myspace were already in the top10 most popular sites, it is impressive that " broke into the comScore Media Metrix Top 50 for the first time, debuting at number 40" ( ) while only relying on web video to draw users to the site. I do not think that is a fact that should be overlooked.
Posted By Gregory, Boston MA : 10:57 AM  

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