U.S. spam problem getting worse
The United States accounts for 23.2% of spam sent around the world, according to a new report by security firm Sophos. That's bad, writes VNUNet, but even more discouraging is the fact that, for the first time in two years, the volume of spam made in the U.S.A. actually increased in the last quarter. Could there possibly be anyone left in America who clicks on e-mail offers for sexual-dysfunction pills and cheap mortgages?

Still, even spam is continuing to get offshored. Sophos says China is the world's second-largest spammer, churning out 20 percent of the total unwanted-message traffic. After that it drops down quickly. "The third through fifth spammers -- South Korea, France, and Spain -- (combined) generated only 17.5 percent," notes InformationWeek. One worrisome trend: Spammers are switching from text spam to images, which are harder for email servers to filter automatically.
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If an email contains only images and no text, block them. Nuff said.
Posted By Jon Price, Murfreesboro, TN : 1:21 PM  

The US has the largest networks of zombie bots - mostly controlled by outside the US interests, and owned by dumb users.
Posted By Rich Albany, OR : 7:48 PM  

Its out of control! You get the typical emails 'you need to go to the bank to claim 81.2 million in another country' are crazy! they want your name, address and then admit that your money is in the UK or in a foreign country. Poor people are faxing out their western union papers and PRIVATE INFO (credit card, name, social security numbers & license copies) to random people over the net! Govt needs to step in.
Posted By NJ : 10:41 AM  

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