Mar 23: A record percentage of family medicine residency slots were filled in 2011. More
Mar 23: Consumers are paying an additional $1,355 a year each on out-of-pocket health care expenses, according to a new report from Deloitte. More
Mar 16: Blue Shield of California reverses proposal for third premium hike for nearly 200,000 policyholders. Insurer says it will not raise rates again for individual, family plans this year. More
Mar 10: From higher contributions for dependents to dropping retiree accounts, companies are eyeing significant changes to workers' health plans. More
Mar 4: Blue Shield of California says outside expert's review finds latest proposed premium hike is reasonable and 'not excessive.' More
Mar 3: Kicking off the second year of health care reform, several new insurance changes kick in. Here's what you need to know. More
Feb 15: A surprising report from Weiss Ratings says insurers' medical costs may have actually declined in 2010 even as insurers continue to blame medical expenses for pushing up premiums for consumers. More
Jan 24: 2010 marked a record-setting year for the largest amount of money collected by the government in its crackdown of insurance and drug fraud and abuse. More
Jan 14: A week after announcing premium hike of as much as 59%, Blue Shield of California hires outside expert to review its move. Promises refunds if new rates are excessive. More
Jan 11: Sam's Club customers can now buy a basic preventive care package for just under $100. More
Jan 11: Sam's Club customers can now buy a basic preventive care package for just under $100. More
Jan 7: Blue Shield, which insures millions in the Golden State, stunned customers by proposing a steep rate hike, blaming rising medical costs. More
Nov 22: Beginning in 2011, health insurers must spent at least 80% of premiums on medical care, or give consumers rebates, according to new government rules. More
Oct 25: Criminals are exploiting confusion about the law to sell fake plans and steal rebate checks; AARP warns that seniors are especially vulnerable. More
Oct 20: Be ready: This open enrollment, your insurance options will cost more while providing less coverage. More
Oct 18: Insurance commissioners prepare to vote this week on how and when carriers will have to significantly boost money for cost of care. More
Oct 13: New industry report on health care quality shows plans that allows for many doctor visits and tests don't necessarily deliver the best care. More
Oct 11: Largest private employer revamps retirement, medical and profit-sharing plans for its employees. More
Oct 7: Government exempts McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Aetna and others for a year from having to significantly raise coverage limit for their workers. More
Sep 22: On Sept. 23, several key insurance changes kick in to consumers' health plans. Here's what you need to know. More
Sep 16: National census data shows that 253.6 million had health insurance in 2009, down from 255 million in 2008. First drop in insured since records have been kept. More
Sep 9: New government report says health reform will send costs higher in the short term before a sustainable slow down is felt. More
Sep 2: Survey shows insured workers paid nearly $500 more than they did last year to cover their family's health needs while employers' share of costs stayed the same. More
Aug 11: As employers grapple with health reform's impact on their costs, workers are electing to go abroad for surgeries for half what they'd cost in the United States. More
Aug 3: Come open enrollment, many workers will be stunned to find that several new consumer protections required by health reform won't apply to them. More
Jul 28: Want to add your child or spouse to your health plan? Then expect to see a letter from your company asking you to prove they're your family. More
Jun 29: A new levy will be tacked on to indoor tanning bills starting Thursday, as part of health-care reform. More
Jun 29: Starting Thursday, states will receive $5 billion in federal funds to cover people who are uninsured because of pre-existing medical conditions. More
Jun 24: The House voted Thursday to reverse a 21% cut in government fees paid to doctors who treat Medicare patients. More
Jun 21: About 14 million Americans younger than 65 buy individual health plans, which rose an average of 20% in their latest increase. More
Jun 14: PricewaterhouseCoopers says corporate health care costs will rise by 9% in 2011, and the majority of employees will pay higher deductibles for their plans. More
Jun 9: As lawmakers tussle over freezing a 21% cut to doctors' Medicare fees, physicians are stuck waiting as a June 14 deadline quickly approaches. More
Jun 7: Seniors who fall into the Medicare gap in prescription coverage will receive money from the government. More
Jun 3: The American Medical Association is launching an ad campaign pushing lawmakers to freeze a 21% cut to fees doctors receive to treat Medicare patients. More
May 25: Health care reform will try to regulate just how much of your health insurance premium will be spent on your medical costs. But will it work? More
May 17: As doctors face a huge reduction in Medicare reimbursements on June 1, Congress is debating this week whether to patch over the issue for the fourth time this year. More
May 12: Expanding health coverage to adult dependents is welcome relief for an age group comprising the largest number of uninsured. More
May 12: The new health care law features a $200 million grant pool for small firms that start wellness and prevention programs. More
May 11: Employees' share of medical expenses climb 7.4% from the prior year, but the pace of increase slows from the prior year, according to industry survey. More
Apr 29: Hospital-acquired infections and readmissions waste billions of dollars. The new law fines hospitals if they fail to improve on quality and safety. More
Apr 28: Insurer to implement reforms preventing cancellation of policies effective May 1, after coming under fire for allegedly rescinding coverage from customers with breast cancer. More
Apr 28: People under 30 may not worry much about insurance, but the reform aims to change that -- by creating a low-cost plan just for them. More
Apr 23: About 21 million people will be uninsured in 2016, when health care reform laws are fully implemented, with 4 million subject to a penalty for failing to buy insurance. More
Apr 23: Top insurance companies Aetna and Cigna say their customers should brace for more out-of-pocket expenses because of health reform. More
Apr 21: Physicians say the measures shortchange them on medical liability, Medicare payments and pay increases. More
Apr 14: Some question the constitutionality of the new insurance mandate. In fact, the tax code is full of implicit mandates with penalties for those who don't comply. A guest commentary by tax expert Len Burman. More
Apr 13: Small companies that pay for employee health insurance will get a significant credit on this year's tax bill. More
Apr 9: About 14 million uninsured young adults could determine the success of the new health reform measures, former U.S. health official says. More
Apr 9: Ah, to be young, healthy -- and overpaying for insurance. More
Apr 2: Health-care reform closed a big tax loophole in corporate prescription drug programs. It's also nudging employers to get out of providing health care. More
Mar 25: Starting July 1, the federal government will be the only place to get the cheapest student loans, as Congress on Thursday approved and sent to the president a measure to roll back subsidized private student loans. More
Mar 22: Come 2013, high-income households will be paying more into Medicare to help pay for health reform. More
Mar 22: Now that Congress has passed a Leviathan of a bill, America can get down to the business of actually focusing on reform. More
Mar 22: The bill President Obama will soon sign ushers in a sea change, but most effects won't be felt for another four years. More
Mar 19: While Washington wrangles, states such as Massachusetts are pushing through their own reforms to help small businesses fend off crippling premium hikes. More
Mar 12: America is hurtling towards a debt crisis. Despite what the White House says, health-care proposals will make things worse. More
Mar 11: A quiet addition to the president's proposal could mean major changes for the way wealthier Americans are taxed. More
Mar 5: The EMR field is a feeding frenzy as companies jockey for their piece of an untapped market. More
Feb 24: A pair of independent, non-partisan health care analysts argue that a Cadillac health care tax will have vast unintended consequences. More
Feb 22: The president reveals which health reform ideas he favors, but the administration says his proposal is an 'opening bid' for the televised health care summit between Democrats and Republicans on Thursday. More
Jan 13: Experts estimate that health care fraud collectively is costing Americans as much as $100 billion a year. More
Dec 31: Come 2010, lawmakers' fight over health care will focus in part on taxes. Specifically who should pay for reform and how? More
Dec 24: Top chamber approves sweeping health care overhaul. Bill now must be reconciled with the House's $1 trillion version. More
Dec 23: Frustrated physicians are closing up shop and heading to work in prisons and jails for better pay, better hours and better benefits. More
Dec 14: Democrats are ready to drop a compromise that would allow 55- to 64-year-olds to buy into Medicare. More
Nov 20: Compromise is the backbone of legislative success. But in the Senate, the search for votes could undercut the potential of reform to lower health spending. More
Nov 18: Health care reform has turned into the costliest single legislative issue yet. More than $600 million has been spent on lobbying, campaign contributions and TV ads. More
Nov 17: Compromise is the backbone of legislative success. But in the Senate, the search for votes could undercut the potential of reform to lower health spending. More
Nov 6: If expensive health plans are taxed, economists assume the tax would be passed on to workers. But they also assume the tax would raise wages. Here's the logic. More
Nov 3: While insurers, doctors, employers are criticized for making care increasingly expensive, experts say consumers also have to share some of the blame. More
Oct 27: If a proposed 21% cut in payment rates goes through in 2010, it could spark a physician boycott against new enrollees. More
Oct 26: Dispensing advice and vaccines for world travelers is paying off for this growing franchise business. More
Oct 26: Harry Reid is planning to introduce health care legislation in the Senate that will include a public health insurance option, according to an aide. More
Oct 22: New industry report: Health plans have flatlined on improving quality of care for the most prevalent conditions for the first time in 13 years. More
Oct 19: It's open enrollment time. As employees nationwide peruse their benefit options, experts say prepare for 'shockingly' higher costs. More
Oct 14: The FDA's newest commissioner, Margaret Hamburg, wants to restore Americans' faith in the much-maligned agency. More
Oct 13: The CEO of Medco Health Solutions, one of the largest managers of insurers' prescription programs, talks about the main way Americans interact with their health care. More
Oct 9: Two in a series: Hidden in the Senate's health-care bill are huge incentives for corporate America to stop covering their workers. If that happens, the deficit could skyrocket. More
Oct 8: Lawmakers wait with bated breath to hear how the Congressional Budget Office will assess the cost of a bill. But such rulings are not gospel. More
Oct 5: She's too sick to work full time but one woman battles full-time with her insurance company to pay for her medical bills. More
Oct 2: The Finance Committee, the last congressional panel to consider a reform bill, plans to vote next week. More
Sep 28: Almost half of America's workers can't take paid sick leave. With swine flu cases on the rise, that problem could hasten the pandemic's spread. More
Sep 25: Drowning out the noise of the debate, here are 3 things that stand a good chance of passing if lawmakers wrap up reform this year. More
Sep 24: Chicago physician says companies are telling doctors how to do their job. More
Sep 24: Some frustrated physicians complain of 'hassles' from insurance companies, but others say they could help doctors practice better medicine. More
Sep 22: One in a series: The senator's proposed compromise would inspire companies to dump their coverage and put a major burden on the middle class. Is that what Obama wants? More
Sep 22: Sen. Baucus' plan to tax insurers aims to pay for reform and encourage lower spending. Experts say it's an indirect way to cap employer-provided health benefits. More
Sep 21: Census Bureau reports that Massachusetts had the lowest 2008 rates of uninsured, while Texas had the highest. More
Sep 16: Sen. Baucus' health care reform proposal contains a number of measures that have the potential to affect Americans' bottom line. More
Sep 16: Long-waited Baucus health plan would cost $856 billion over 10 years and mandate insurance coverage for every American. More
Sep 15: New survey finds workers and employers are paying more for health insurance this year than last, and substantially more than they did 10 years ago. More
Sep 15: HSAs remain rare, but small businesses have been among their biggest adopters. Advocates are waiting to see if they'll survive the health care reform battle. More
Sep 14: Some physicians, fed up with the costs of their practice, are ready to hang up their stethoscopes and shift careers. More
Sep 12: During weekly address, President Obama cites new Treasury figure that says nearly half of Americans go without health insurance for a month over 10 years. More
Sep 11: Rep. John Dingell, who's been pushing health-care reform for over 50 years, says that Democrats will go it alone if they have to. More
Sep 11: Three things to watch in this fall's health care reform debate. More
Sep 11: The president gave a nod to Republicans with his pledge to tackle medical malpractice. But he's talking about it in a different way. Here's a glimpse of what's ahead. More
Sep 10: The president's speech may have had a more partisan tone, but when it comes to content, he's moving toward the more moderate Baucus proposal. More
Sep 10: Doctors' concern about 'defensive medicine' leads Obama to back pilot malpractice reform programs. More
Sep 9: If employers drop their plans under the President's plan, some employees could be in for a major change in their health-care circumstances. We explore the possibilities. More