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Hiring holds steady Dec 9: A large number of employers plan to sit on the sidelines in terms of 2009 hiring, according to an employment outlook survey. More
Dec 8: Many modified mortgages in 2008 defaulted in 6 months, a top federal regulator says. A new study raises concerns over the quality of such loan adjustments. More
Dec 8: Conference Board report forecasts that job losses could surpass 3 million by mid 2009. More
Dec 8: Here's a look at the industries that are thriving - and hiring - despite the recession. More
Dec 8: Here's a look at the industries are thriving - and hiring - despite the recession. More
Dec 5: The number of college grads seeking work is at an all time high, which means more bad news for the broader economy. More
Dec 4: Bank of America survey says 18% withdrew funds from retirement accounts prematurely. More
Dec 3: Planned payroll reductions surge 61% in November, according to an outplacement firm. More
Dec 3: Even the legal industry is not immune to the downturn, leaving recent graduates with hefty student loans and no jobs. More
Dec 1: Firm predicts season sales at $29.2 billion, unchanged from last year. More
Nov 30: Reports show Black Friday gains, but caution that key retail season may still end up weak. More
Nov 29: Research firm says Black Friday sales up 3%, thanks to deep discounts, in cautious start to the season. More
Nov 28: One worker dies in opening chaos at a New York store. Around the nation, crowds seek deep discounts at the world's largest retailer. More
Nov 26: Orders fall 6.2%, marking the largest percentage decrease since October 2006. More
Nov 26: Personal spending drops by most in seven years as consumer prices fall; personal income higher than forecasts. More
Nov 26: The weakening economy has hit consumers hard and debts are piling up, driving a boom in debt collections. More
Nov 25: While a survey showed fewer shoppers are expected, a sharp drop in gas prices may leave some with some extra cash to spend and deals may draw out others. More
Nov 24: Survey says constrained budgets and financial anxiety mean 55% of consumers are planning to cut back. More
Nov 21: World's largest retailer says international chief Mike Duke will succeed Lee Scott, who is retiring. More
Nov 20: The Federal government has extended benefits for out of work Americans. Here are 5 things every worker should know about their unemployment check. More
Nov 20: Many companies suspended matches during the last recession, and some experts think it's likely to happen again. More
Nov 19: An open letter to my kids on what the current economic crisis has taught us, and how they can learn from our mistakes. More
Nov 17: Employees start new careers by enrolling in specialized degree or certification programs. More
Nov 14: Government reports a worse-than-expected 2.8% decrease; sales excluding autos also fell a much worse 2.2%. More
Nov 14: In cost-cutting move, the computer company said it would reduce its payroll by up to 18% and restructure its software business operations. More
Nov 13: Last week's flow of cash back into funds reverses and nervous investors pull billions out of stock, bond, and hybrid funds after Dow hits a 5 1/2-year low. More
Nov 13: While packages vary widely by industry and employee, workers should know what to expect, and how to ask for more. More
Nov 12: No. 1 electronics retailer cuts profit forecast, blames continued weakness in consumer spending heading into critical holiday shopping period. More
Nov 7: Pre-election stock gains coaxed money back to mutual funds for the first time in 15 weeks. More
Oct 31: Government's plan to boost economy enters its 6th month. Another 1.42 million checks mailed. Total: $95 billion. More
Oct 31: After graduating next May, college seniors are likely to face the worst job market in 15 years. More
Oct 31: Government report shows that individual spending fell more than expected in September while personal incomes rose. More
Oct 30: Direct marketers say feeling of job insecurity in an uncertain economy is drawing more Americans into the industry. More
Oct 30: Now is the time to assess your true risk tolerance and devise an investment strategy that works in the bad - and good - times. More
Oct 30: Employees from Wall Street to Main Street are feeling nervous about their jobs, but certain industries are more at risk than others. More
Oct 30: Treasurys fall as credit continues to loosen, but analysts remain cautious. More
Oct 29: Overall costs of attending private school increased 4.8%, while in-state public school costs rose 5.7% from previous school year, College Board says. More
Oct 28: U.S. consumers have increased the amount of money they save and use to pay off debt, study shows. More
Oct 28: It's not tomorrow's big natural disaster. It's getting hit by today's huge premium hikes. Here's how to fight. More
Oct 27: Study shows fees charged for checking accounts reach all-time high, but vigilant customers can avoid them. More
Oct 27: Ad showing Sears' planned sales for the day after Thanksgiving include a Kenmore washer-dryer set for $600, up to 60% off on clothing and bargains on flatscreen TVs. More
Oct 27: Three years after the passing of new legislation aimed at reducing personal bankruptcies, 2008 filings approach the one-million mark. More
Oct 24: When faced with unaffordable monthly payments and relentless creditors, some see leaving the country as their only way out. More
Oct 23: Goldman Sachs is cutting about 10% of its workforce, which points to more trouble in the credit markets. More
Oct 22: Americans are shying away from incurring more credit card debt, but that may be a problem for retailers. More
Oct 22: In a tough market, job seekers who consider positions in other cities or states may have more success. More
Oct 22: Government report says job cuts of 50 or more up significantly last month. More
Oct 17: Lenders have tightened standards, but scam artists have found new ways to beat the system. More
Oct 15: The bank reports that net income declined 25% but earnings beat forecasts; says merger with Wachovia on track to close by year's end. More
Oct 8: The economy is in a financial crisis, but what about you? Here are some warning signs that you have a debt problem, and tips on how to get a handle on it. More
Oct 7: Junk hauling and scavenging are growth businesses these days. More
Oct 6: World's largest online auction site says cuts will affect about 1,000 of its worldwide employees. More
Sep 25: You may not spend much time mulling your debt-to-credit ratio, but it weighs heavily on your credit score and can determine your ability to get a loan. More
Sep 25: Greatest decline in orders of manufactured goods since January signals continued economic weakness. More
Sep 23: Retail group expects just a 2.2% increase, about half the 2007 rate, which would be the slowest growth in six years. More
Sep 18: Stocks jump after Fed and other central banks inject cash into markets roiled by financial crisis. More
Sep 17: Bank stocks plunge again as investors wonder whether commercial banks are the next to fall after Lehman and AIG. More
Sep 17: After losing my first business, I built a successful new one and learned to live debt-free. More
Sep 17: Wall Street retreats as Fed's rescue of insurer adds to the sense that financial market distress is far from over. More
Sep 16: Customers are wondering if the insurer's woes will affect them. Here's why you should care - even if you aren't a customer. More
Sep 16: Lower energy costs helped August inflation tick slightly lower from July, but the measure is up 5.4% from a year ago. More
Sep 16: Markets follow the worst pounding in years with further declines, as Goldman Sachs report disappoints. More
Sep 16: Stock futures mixed; markets set for uncertain open after their worst pummeling in years, government to release inflation report. More
Sep 15: Six months ago the Fed put up $29 billion to help keep Bear Stearns out of bankruptcy. On Sunday the government said no to similar help for buyers looking at Lehman. Here's why. More
Sep 12: Strong sales at Boeing had made aerospace a bright spot in a weak economy. But all that is on hold as Boeing workers prepare for a long strike. More
Sep 12: Wall Street retreats on weak retail sales report and worries about Lehman Brothers future. The approach of Hurricane Ike weighs on oil. More
Sep 11: Small companies are moving slowly on new hires, but are creating more jobs than large businesses. More
Sep 11: Deficit grows more than expected. Reports also shows hints of economic weakness. More
Sep 11: Wall Street retreats as investors worry about Lehman Brothers' outlook, a big jump in the trade deficit and a weak jobs report. More
Sep 10: Wall Street struggles to post early gains after brokerage announces a nearly $4 billion quarterly loss. More
Sep 9: Vintage clothing has always had cache, but now, buying and selling used electronics, equipment and pretty much everything else is also in vogue. More
Sep 9: When cash flow gets tight, small business owners pay their business bills first, mortgages second, a new study finds. More
Sep 9: Deficit up by $246 billion in a year. Federal agency cites 'substantial increase in spending' and 'halt' in tax revenue growth. Also says it will add Fannie and Freddie to future estimates. More
Sep 9: Wall Street dips as investors hesitate ahead of economic data. Oil prices lower as OPEC meets. More
Sep 8: Bailout of Fannie and Freddie might lower mortgage rates but it's unlikely to lead to a quick turnaround for the troubled housing market. More
Sep 8: United Airlines' parent denies speculation about bankruptcy after Nasdaq halts trading. More
Sep 8: Wall Street hails government's announced takeover of mortgage backers, with Dow up over 300 points. But Fannie and Freddie shares tumble More
Sep 8: As fuel prices shoot up, more airlines are adding fees to cash in your miles. More
Sep 7: Government seizure of Fannie and Freddie could cause problems, even failure, for many small banks, even if it helps to stabilize the battered mortgage market. More
Sep 6: Walkout by 27,000 assembly line workers shuts aircraft maker that holds key place in job market and economy. Customers await new plane. More
Sep 5: Walkout by 27,000 assembly line workers will shut aircraft maker that holds key place in job market and economy. Customers await new plane. More
Sep 5: When we last met Josh Hager, he had recently lost his job as a mortgage underwriter. Six months and hundreds of resumes later, he's back on track. More
Sep 5: Unemployment surges to 5-year high as employers cut workers for eighth straight month. Total job losses for 2008: 605,000. More
Sep 5: Wall Street weakens in early going after the monthly report shows job losses and an unemployment rate that was worse than expected. More
Sep 4: Economists don't expect job losses to end with August as they forecast a weak employment outlook for the rest of the year. More
Sep 4: Research firm FlightStats pegs JetBlue as most-delayed major carrier in August. Regional carrier Freedom Airlines had worst overall on-time rate. More
Sep 4: Automakers seek $50 billion in low-interest loans to convert plants from trucks to fuel efficient cars; presidential election could help their chances. More
Sep 4: Consumers flock to low-cost stores such as Wal-Mart, Costco and BJ's in back-to-school season, abandoning higher-end retailers such as Abercrombie, The Gap, Limited. More
Sep 4: Wall Street retreats as sluggish monthly retail sales and troubling job market numbers add to recession fears. More
Sep 3: Despite a slide in gas prices, sales fall 15.5% from a year ago for the worst August in 10 years, led by lower demand for pickups and SUVs. More
Sep 3: DOT rates JetBlue most-delayed airline in July; Laguardia, JFK and Newark score low marks for airports; overall delays improve from 2007. More
Sep 3: Businesses announce 88,736 job cuts in August, 14% below July, but cuts from May though August hit highest level in 6 years. More
Sep 2: Estimates would make storm one of the 10 costliest hurricanes in U.S. history - a fraction of Katrina's cost in 2005. More
Sep 1: Storm is weaker than Katrina three years ago. But it hits an economy that is at greater risk. More
Sep 1: Average price of gas nationwide dips slightly on Monday; oil plunges in trading, gas futures also drop; Gustav damage not yet known. More
Aug 31: Gas prices continue to rise in Mississippi and other Gulf Coast states as Hurricane Gustav threatens oil supplies. Meanwhile, average price of gas creeps up nationwide. More
Aug 30: Gas prices continue to rise in Mississippi and other Gulf Coast states as Hurricane Gustav threatens oil supplies. Meanwhile, average price of gas creeps up nationwide. More
Aug 29: The Treasury department sent out 2.4 million payments, totaling $1.5 billion, since the initial mass distribution ended more than a month ago. Total so far: $93.4 billion. More
Aug 29: Gas prices jump overnight in Mississippi and other Gulf Coast states over fears that Hurricane Gustav could threaten oil supplies. More
Aug 29: While many states saw their median wage rise in 2007, Michigan was the only one in the country to suffer a drop in median income and rise in poverty rate. More