10:12am: The owners of the New York Mets settle with Irving Picard, trustee in Bernard Madoff Ponzi case, for $162 million. More
5:33am: Court-appointed trustee goes after the owners of the New York Mets to try and prove that they knew, or should have known, that Madoff was running a Ponzi scheme. More
Mar 5: Federal judge rules that court-appointed trustee's Madoff-related case against owners of New York Mets will go to court. More
Feb 22: Federal judge dismisses Picard's case in $20 billion lawsuit against UniCredit and Austrian banker. More
Jan 18: Federal court ruling favors owners of New York Mets by upholding limitations on trustee in Madoff-related lawsuit. More
Jan 5: 'Third party' victims who invested money in Madoff's Ponzi scheme through feeder funds are left in the cold again, rules district court judge. More
Nov 23: Trustee Picard reaches $326 million settlement agreement with IRS to claim false taxes Madoff paid to keep his Ponzi scheme going. More
Nov 11: The SEC disciplined eight employees for failing to detect Madoff's scam, the largest pyramid-style scheme in history. More
Nov 8: JPMorgan gets sued again, as Madoff investors pick up where trustee left off. New suit follows on the heels of federal judge's dismissal of trustee's suit on Nov. 2. More
Nov 7: Robert DeNiro set to portray Bernie Madoff as Madoff scandal gets the Hollywood treatment More
Nov 2: Federal judge dismisses Madoff trustee's $20 billion worth of lawsuits against JPMorgan Chase and UBS. More
Oct 27: New focus on Madoff and his family has victims irate and skeptical. More
Oct 27: Ponzi convict Bernard Madoff tells ABC correspondent Barbara Walters that he has no fear in prison, but he does have nightmares. More
Oct 4: The victims of Bernard Madoff are getting their first distributions of stolen funds. More
Sep 29: Victims with valid claims had been slated to get their first checks -- a total of $272 million -- on Friday. More
Sep 27: Irving Picard, the trustee in the case, had alleged that the Mets' owners were willfully blind to the fraud. More
Sep 20: The SEC inspector general has referred David Becker to the Justice Department over conflicts of interest related to the Madoff Ponzi scheme. More
Aug 19: Federal judge to hear arguments in Madoff trustee's $1 billion lawsuit against owners of the New York Mets baseball team. More
Jun 24: The trustee is upping damages sought from $5.4 billion to at least $19 billion for the bank's alleged role in the Ponzi scheme. More
May 17: U.S. Marshals raided Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff's wine cellar and is putting what was found on the auction block. More
May 10: Trustee Irving Picard's firm and lawyers for feeder fund investors drop multi-billion claims against each other in mutual pursuit of funds lost to Ponzi scheme. More
Apr 15: Bankruptcy court identifies John Hogan and Matt Zames as JPMorgan Chase employees who allegedly knew Madoff was operating a Ponzi scheme, which the firm denies. More
Mar 25: Madoff investors who were left in the cold by court-appointed trustee have appealed for a piece of the $7.2 billion Picower estate. More
Mar 20: In a court filing, Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz say the suit seeking $1 billion for profits taken from Madoff is an attempt to extract a 'huge settlement.' More
Mar 16: Oversight Committee wants information from trustee Irving Picard as it investigates SEC's use of chief counsel whose mother was a Madoff investor. More
Mar 10: SEC chief Mary Schapiro says she wishes that her chief general counsel, whose deceased mother was a Madoff investor, had recused himself from the Ponzi scheme case. More
Mar 8: Court-appointed trustee in Bernard Madoff Ponzi case plans to ask bankruptcy court at end of March to approve distribution of $2.6 billion to victims. More
Feb 28: Investors in Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme react to prison interview calling victims "greedy" with a few choice words of their own - 'liar' ... 'monster.' More
Feb 28: Bernard Madoff tells New York Magazine that his victims were 'greedy.' He calls the government a 'Ponzi scheme.' More
Feb 16: Securities industry group pays $290 million to lawyers, including trustee Irving Picard, and consultants to track down Bernard Madoff's stolen assets. More
Feb 16: In New York Times interview, convicted Ponzi schemer says attitude was 'If you're doing something wrong, we don't want to know.' More
Feb 9: JPMorgan Chase responds to $6 billion lawsuit from court-appointed trustee in Madoff case by claiming that he's out of bounds. More
Feb 4: Suit alleges Sterling Equities, led by Wilpon and Katz families, were aware of concerns about what proved to be biggest Ponzi scheme ever. More
Feb 3: A complaint filed against JPMorgan alleges that the bank harbored doubts about Bernie Madoff's activities, but failed to act until 2008. More
Jan 28: Mets owners place minority stake on the auction block while facing pressure from Madoff trustee's lawsuit. More
Jan 13: Bankruptcy court judge allows trustee in Madoff case to begin doling out seized assets to victims. More
Dec 23: Trustee hopes to loosen up seized assets early next year for distribution to victims. More
Dec 22: Annette Bongiorno, 62, turned herself in to the U.S. Marshals Service in Florida on Tuesday. More
Dec 18: Ponzi scheme investigators cross a major milestone in recovering half of the $20 billion stolen by Madoff. More
Dec 17: Officials seeking compensation for victims of Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme unveil settlement with estate of deceased billionaire Jeffry Picower. More
Dec 13: Madoff will conduct a private ceremony where he is presently incarcerated, his lawyer said. More
Dec 12: Medical examiner rules Mark Madoff's death a suicide. Bernard Madoff's son took his own life on the two-year anniversary of his father's arrest. More
Dec 11: Two years after the arrest of Bernard Madoff, thousands of lives are devastated through destitution, lawsuits or suicide. More
Dec 11: Mark Madoff, son of Ponzi-schemer Bernard Madoff, apparently took his own life on the two-year anniversary of his father's arrest. More
Dec 11: Court-appointed trustee accuses Frank Avellino, Michael Bienes, their wives, son Thomas Avellino and others of covering up Madoff's fraud. More
Dec 10: Court-appointed trustee accuses banker Sonja Kohn of being Ponzi scheme operator's 'criminal soul mate.' More
Dec 9: 'Third party' Madoff investors, like those who invested in feeder funds, are not eligible for SIPC protection or reimbursement from seized assets. More
Dec 7: Mets owner sued by Madoff trustee, while another former client agrees to forfeit $625 million. More
Dec 7: As the two-year anniversary of Madoff's arrest approaches, the court-appointed trustee files 'clawback' lawsuits against 388 victims. More
Dec 6: Court-appointed trustee Irving Picard alleges that London-based HSBC aided massive Ponzi scheme despite being 'well aware' of the fraud. More
Dec 2: Bank accused of aiding and abetting the largest Ponzi scheme in history. More
Nov 28: Court-appointed trustee Irving Picard sues relatives and former employees of Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff in bid to recover $67 million. More
Nov 24: Court-appointed trustee Picard accuses UBS of participating in Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme. More
Feb 25: Stephanie Madoff, daughter-in-law of Bernard Madoff, is changing the surname of herself and her kids to Morgan. More
Feb 25: Harry Markopolos knew Madoff was running a scam within five minutes. The fraud investigator talks about going undercover and being an agent for whistleblowers. More
Dec 30: Convicted Ponzi schemer has been transferred back to his jail cell after 10 days in the medical center at his North Carolina prison. More
Dec 23: Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff has been moved to the medical center at his Butner, North Carolina prison. More
Dec 11: Some investors are getting enough compensation to get back on their feet -- others are out of luck. More
Dec 10: A year after the Ponzi king was arrested, many of those he fleeced have yet to get their payback. More
Nov 14: Artifacts once owned by Bernie Madoff went on auction in New York on Saturday, pulling in almost a cool million. More
Nov 12: Disposing a lifetime of Madoff's acquisitions is a big job. Here's a status check of where the sales of his homes, his boats and his personal and household effects stand. More
Oct 30: Friehling reaches deal in fraud case, prosecutors say; expected to plead guilty Nov. 3. More
Oct 28: Trustee still tallying assets and claims in Ponzi scheme. More than 2,000 investors withdrew more than they invested. More
Oct 26: Florida officials confirm that Jeffry Picower, named in trustee suit as a beneficiary of the Ponzi scheme, drowned after suffering massive coronary. More
Oct 14: Two who say they lost millions to the convicted Ponzi schemer accuse the regulator of failing to protect investors. More
Oct 2: Court-appointed trustee files suit against Madoff's sons, brother and niece, all of whom worked at the firm. More
Sep 28: Court-appointed trustee plans to sue sons, brother and niece of convicted swindler - report. More
Sep 24: Judge Denny Chin drops his demand that prosecutor prove how much Madoff stole. More
Sep 17: The Ponzi swindler's Montauk getaway goes to a mystery buyer for more than its $8.75 million list price. More
Sep 10: Senate Banking Committee takes Security and Exchange Commission to task for failing to identify Bernard Madoff's $50 billion fraud. More
Sep 10: Senate Banking Committee holds second hearing on the Security and Exchange Commission's failure to identify Bernard Madoff's $50 billion fraud. More
Sep 10: In a taped phone conversation, the convicted swindler advised colleagues on how to sidestep questions from regulators. More
Sep 9: U.S. Marshals are preparing Bernard Madoff's boats and homes in Florida and Manhattan for sale. CNNMoney takes a tour of the properties - and the boat with an elevator. More
Sep 7: Montauk broker Joan Hegner is showing the most unusual property of her career: the vacation home where Bernie Madoff's fishing rods now sit idle. More
Sep 2: Securities and Exchange Commission watchdog says regulators missed 'numerous' red flags that suggested a Ponzi scheme was underway. More
Aug 12: Judge denies bail for Madoff lieutenant Frank DiPascali despite his cooperation with federal prosecutors - and tearful courtroom confessions. More
Jul 29: Court-appointed trustee claims Ruth Madoff has $44.8 million and wants her to turn it over for victims. Her lawyer says suit is 'perplexing.' More
Jul 16: Most alleged Ponzi schemers don't reach Madoff-like heights, but millions of dollars are still on the line. More
Jul 14: Federal prison bureau says financier who pleaded guilty to 11 counts related to running a Ponzi scheme has been transferred to a facility in Butner. More
Jul 13: The financier who plead guilty to 11 federal counts related to running his Ponzi scheme has left New York City. More
Jul 9: Madoff, convicted Ponzi schemer, decided not to appeal his 150-year sentence, says lawyer. More
Jun 29: Those who lost all to Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff say 150 years isn't enough - they want their money back More
Jun 29: In the courtoom, victims get a chance to tell their painful stories but just one moment to stare down the schemer. More
Jun 29: Wife of convicted swindler releases a statement after he is sentenced to 150 years in prison. More
Jun 29: Federal judge gives maximum sentence to Ponzi mastermind following his apology and victims' request for life sentence. More
Jun 26: The Ponzi mastermind faces maximum of 150 years in prison at his sentencing Monday as government strips him and his wife of their assets. More
Jun 26: Denny Chin, who sentenced convicted Ponzi schemer to 150 years, is seen as a judge who can balance decorum with the need for the victims to have their say. More
Jun 24: Experts don't see a 'camp cupcake' for Madoff as they offer suggestions to keep out of danger. More
Jun 23: 71-year-old Ponzi fraudster faces a maximum of 150 years in the slam. His lawyer asks judge to consider 12 years - an 'effective life sentence.' More
Jun 22: Agency claims that firms and executives recruited investors and fed money for giant Ponzi scheme. More
Jun 22: Bernard Madoff faces a maximum sentence of 150 years. At age 71, he's unlikely to ever again see the light of day. More
Jun 15: Investors burned by the biggest ponzi scheme in U.S. history outline the damage done by Bernard Madoff. More
Apr 24: Madoff is behind bars and isn't talking. But a Fortune investigation uncovers secrets of his massive swindle. More
Apr 24: Madoff is behind bars and isn't talking. But a Fortune investigation uncovers secrets of his massive swindle. More
Apr 20: One week after investors file papers seeking $64 million from the swindler, judge says there is probable cause his assets should be handed over to government. More
Apr 13: Judge approves the court filing by five investors seeking about $64 million over objections from SEC and US Attorney. More
Apr 12: The price nearly doubled on eBay in the last minutes of the auction. Two season tickets, located in the Delta Club Gold section of Citi Field, are valued at $60,750. More
Apr 3: Madoff becomes the excuse du jour for overworked prosecutors in a ten-year-old art-restitution case. More
Apr 1: Federal marshals took the disgraced financier's 55-foot boat called 'Bull,' a smaller boat and one of his homes in south Florida. More
Apr 1: Massachusetts charges feeder fund Fairfield Greenwich with misrepresenting its dealings with convicted Ponzi schemer. Fairfield denies the allegations. More
Dozens of families in this wealthy resort community fell victim to the massive Ponzi scheme. Losses in this small town alone could reach $1 billion. More
A small network of connections helped to facilitate many of the investments. More
Some people who got out of Bernard Madoff Investment Securities before it imploded may have to give back gains.More
Many of the details surrounding the Bernard Madoff scandal are still fuzzy. Here's what we need to know. More
It's hard enough to legitimately manage $50 billion. To falsify books and hide that big a sum, though, experts suggest Bernard Madoff had help. But who? More
One of Madoff's nieces is married to Eric Swanson, a former SEC lawyer who was key to BATS Trading winning official exchange status. More
Mr. Madoff was the head of NASDAQ. He was a man above reproach. He looked peerless in a suit. There was every reason to have confidence in him. More
You'd think an alleged $50 billion scam would be the final straw for the already fragile psyche of investors. But the market has largely shrugged off the scandal. More
The three-person firm that apparently certified Madoff's books has been telling a key accounting industry group for years that it doesn't conduct audits. More
New York school sues Ascot Partners for entrusting investor money to Bernard Madoff. The case may be hard to prove. More
Cox says 'credible information' was brought to the watchdog over a period of 10 years, but no action was taken. More
Several charities will be forced to shut down because of their investments with Madoff. But at least one with close ties to the family reports no unethical behavior. More
Wife of alleged leader of Ponzi scheme surrenders her passport; Madoff subject to home detention and curfew as part of bail deal. More
Although many smart people seem to have been taken in, one expert argues that anyone who really did their homework would have seen the warning signs. More
Former New York Stock Exchange president Richard Whitney boasted a sterling reputation during the Depression, then became a symbol of Wall Street's betrayal of investors. More
Wealthy investors were paying funds-of-funds for what they thought was access to elite management. Instead, many found their money tied up in the alleged Madoff fraud. More
Although Citigroup and other big U.S. banks haven't been hit in the Madoff scandal so far, this is another example of the sorry state of the financial industry. More
Regulators reviewed the fund and found nothing wrong. Hell-oo?! Plus, five ways to crook-proof your portfolio. More
Federal Judge says investors in Bernard Madoff's fund may qualify for some protection. Moves case to bankruptcy court. More
Charles Ponzi's biographer contends that he was just a dreamer without a good exit strategy. More
List of potential victims in what is said to be a massive Ponzi scheme run by money manager Bernard Madoff continues to grow. More
The damage done in cases of Bernard Madoff and Marc Dreier doesn't end with investors. More
Bernard Madoff was arrested Thursday and charged with operating a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme from his investment advisory business. More
Madoff: Lifestyles of the rich and infamous Bernard Madoff, the man behind an alleged $50 billion fraud, has a yacht named 'Bull,' owns several luxurious homes and may even have had two private planes on call. More